Judith Chazin-Bennahum - Author & editor

Praise for

The Ballets of Antony Tudor

“Antony Tudor was a great choreographer and teacher. Here at last is a book that analyzes his ballets and investigates his teaching, by a writer who worked with Tudor both on stage and in class. This fascinating examination of his works, one by one, presents an artistic chronicle of a man whose unequalled insight into the depths of emotion produced ballets as varied as Lilac Garden, Dark Elegies, Pillar of Fire, Romeo and Juliet, Undertow, and The Leaves are Fading. It is a book to read and reread.”

-George Dorris,

Editor,  Dance Chronicle

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The Ballets of Anthony Tudor


“This is a much-needed serious study of the work of one of the handful of great choreographers of any period. The first chapter, with its knowledgeable and valuable perspective on Tudor’s work in the studio and classroom, firmly establishes Ms. Chazin-Bennahum’s credentials. She is that excellent combination, a scholar and dancer who worked with her subject, and she treats Antony Tudor with informed affection and respect.”

--Marilyn Hunt, Associate Editor,

Dance Magazine