Judith Chazin-Bennahum - Author & editor


MEDEA is a reconstruction of an 18th C. Ballet by Noverre.  Researched and choreographed by Dr. Judith Bennahum at the University of New Mexico.

DVD includes the performance and the documentary on the process of research and the design elements that went into the realization of the ballet.

MEDEA  - Three Video Excerpts
Medea is available through The Princeton Book Company

Fearing Medea’s ambitions for his throne and Medea’s cruel magic, King Creon of Corinth introduces Jason, Medea’s husband to his beautiful daughter Princess Creuse.  They are immediately and passionately attracted to one another.

Discovering Jason’s duplicity, Medea makes her presence known in the throne room and joins Creon, Jason and Creuse in a pas de quatre.

In this last scene, Jason has witnessed Medea taking the lives of the King and the Princess, and Medea murdering their children.  In utter despair, Jason kills himself.  All the Furies hearken to Medea’s side, and she rises triumphantly above the destruction.  “Hell hath no fury like a women scorned.”